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Would you trade 99 for 1?

It is  more enjoyable for a child to get a new toy than to fix and old one.  Churches tend to be the same way and most do not have a plan for leaving the 99 for the 1.    This is true of many marriages as well,  when times get rough and we are not happy it is time to go.  What if this is God’s plan to make us into his image rather than to make us happy.  It is hard for us to see that God may be getting glory in our pain or how he can redeem it.  How could a loving God put me with a person that was less than perfect?  Ask Abraham whose wife laughed at him, or David whose wife mocked him for dancing.  How is it God that you can save an unbelieving spouse through a believing spouse?

When Jesus looked at his rag tag band do you think he ever thought is this the best I could have done?  I am stuck with these 12 guys and 3 years to change the world?  What about manners, can I pick from the “A” list, where are the honor students?  Could I have done better?

Then Jesus answered and said, O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you? how long shall I suffer you? …  Matthew 17:17

As a follower of Jesus I am trying to reconnect with painful relationships.   I see the disciples and know I would have long written off their bickering, fighting, prayer sleeping, ear slicing disciples,  swearing  allegiance in the morning and cursing and denying him that same night.   Because, Jesus did not go looking for a new group of friends but stayed the course through the painful betrayal and abandonment that I know him today.

May patience have its work in us.  Let us go after and maintain relationships as God’s wants to exhibit his grandeur through people that have devoted themselves to him regardless of the packaging and how we think they should be.


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