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Interesting Stats on How Americans Spend

Last year, Americans spent $10.7 trillion shopping. With that much dough, you could buy over 2000 aircraft carriers, 300 private islands, and still have money left over for a latte. Here’s a taste of the things we bought—and how much we spent on them.

Beer: $96 billion—enough to make 199,937,239 barrels!  (Brewers Association)

Pretzels: $550 million  (Reuters)

St. Patrick’s Day: $4.14 billion (National Retail Federation)

Over-the-Counter Teeth Whiteners: $1.4 billion (MSNBC)

Sinus Treatments: $5.8 billion (Centers for Disease Control)

Pet Halloween Costumes: $310 million (The pet industry hauls in a total $50.96 billion!)  (National Retail Federation/American Pet Product Association)

Easter: $16.8 billion (National Retail Association)

Romance Novels: $10 billion (Romance Writers of America)

Engagement and Wedding Rings: $11 billion  (Knot Market Intelligence)

Valentine’s Day Flowers: $1.7 billion  (National Retail Federation)

Chocolate: $16 billion dollars (we eat 2.8 billion pounds of it!)  (IBIS)

Perfume: $4.2 billion (Research and Markets)

Gambling: $34.6 billion  (American Gaming Association)

Coffee: $11 billion ($1.4 billion is organic!) (Franchise Direct/North American Organic Coffee Industry Report)

Tattoos: $2.3 billion   (INC.)

Tattoo Removal: $66 million  (IBIS)

Golf Balls: $500 million  (Forbes)

Girl Scout Cookies: $800 million  (Girl Scouts of America)

Taxidermy: $800 million  (Breakthrough Magazine)

Video Games: $17 billion dollars  (NPD Group)

Soft Drinks: $65 billion  (National Soft Drinks Association)

Bottled Water: $11 billion  (Beverage Marketing Corp.)

Groceries: $478 billion  (USDA)

Fast Food: $117 billion  (Fast Food Marketing)

Professional Sports: $25.4 billion  (WR Hambrecht)

Dollar Store Purchases: $30 billion  (Security and Exchange Commission)

Alternative Medicine: $33.9 Billion  (Consumer Reports)

Toilet Paper: $2.6 billion  (NY Times)

Ringtones: $5 billion worldwide  (NY Times)

Baggage Fees: $3.36 billion  (Bureau of Transportation)

Credit Card Late Fees: $18 billion  (RK Hammer)

Lawn Care: $40 billion  (Bloomberg)

Child Care: $47 billion  (IBIS)

Twinkies: Approximately $500 million  (WSJ)

Many of these categories are laughable however when I think we when see them as a whole they seem ridiculous I laugh at the twinkies and I am happy to see them back in the saddle but seriously how much of that  but at the time they seemed like a good idea.  There are definitely the important things here like TP but 18 billion in late fees is one I cringe at.  Hope you have enjoyed.

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