the heart stuff Together we will
change the world

Churches who participate in a church directory are not only receiving a quality communication tool, but have an opportunity to partner with us in giving back. We strongly believe we exist not only to serve the local church, but also the poor, the widow, and the orphan. Here are just a few things you have helped us accomplish over the last few years:

Set up outdoor tent church / staging station for relief groups during the week for after the tornado ripped through Joplin.

We don’t believe in just giving back, we believe in investing in people so they will be able in turn to invest in others.  Thank you for your support and business that keeps us going.  Our main project for 2013 is   Our goal is to raise enough money to dig 10 wells.  We can provide fresh water to Africa in our lifetimes.  Please take a minute to go to and consider what you should do.