F.A.Q Simple Process
yields positive results

Q. Does it cost the church anything to do a directory with Artisan Life?

A. No. Everything is free to the church. We make our living by showing people beautiful portraits of themselves, knowing they won’t be able to live without them!  Because we do not charge anything, we do ask that you be sure to be as accurate as possible when giving us information about your church so that this will be a win-win experience.


1.  Q. Will we be pressured to buy pictures?

A. No. We operate by the golden rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”  Our photographers will treat each person with dignity; our reputation depends on it.


2.  Q. What do the families who are photographed receive?

A. Each family who is photographed will receive a complimentary, full-color 8×10 portrait and a free pictorial directory.


3.  Q. How do we schedule portrait appointments?

A. We have an online, user-friendly scheduling system that families can access.


4.  Q. Can we bring family members or friends to the photography session?

A. Certainly, you may invite whomever you please and will have the opportunity to purchase these portraits. However, the pose for the directory will include only families who attend the church. We encourage families to bring their pets as they are family members, too. (Please check to see if your church allows it)


5.  Q. What if a family is unable to be photographed? Can their picture be submitted to Artisan Life to be included in the directory?

A. Yes. Three submitted photos are allowed for every 35 families photographed. (Additional submissions are $5.00 each to cover directory printing costs.) The church must submit the photo to Artisan Life.  Copyright releases are required for all professional photographs.  We request that the coordinator gather all of the releases and submit together with other directory pieces.


6.  Q. What promo materials do you provide to maximize involvement in the church directory?

A. We will gladly provide everything you need to make this experience a complete success: Artisan Life provides publicity posters, church bulletin inserts, a pastor’s letter template, appointment reminder cards, and an exciting presentation to help you promote the directory.


7.  Q. How do we know how many activity pages can be included in our directory?

A. We want this book to be something of which you are proud!  A general guideline for activity pages is 5 pages. We feel that these pages should focus on your ministries and services while showing the warmth and openness of your church family. Please contact us if you feel that you will need more activity pages.  We are very flexible and want to serve the church’s best interests.


8.  Q. When will our directories be mailed?

A. How about 30 days? We partner with you to build the fastest directory your church has ever experienced. We promise to hit our deadlines, but we need you to hit your deadlines on getting us the data and proofing the documents. If you do, we guarantee your directory will be in the mail within a month of the last day of photography. We would have a money-back guarantee, but the directory is already free.  If we don’t get it done in that time frame, we will give you $1,000 in Artisan Life Photography gift certificates good toward portrait purchases should we not fulfill our end of the bargain.


Have a question that wasn’t covered in this section? Head on over to the Contact Us page to get in touch with an Artisan Life representative!