Directories Help inspire your church by introducing them
to each other

Connect Your Congregation.   Ever have one of those conversations with someone you’ve been going to church with for months, and you should know their name but can’t remember? Yeah, we have and are grateful to have a pictorial directory for a quick reminder. Having a professional pictorial directory from Artisan Life is a great way for members to put faces to names. It also helps new members feel more quickly connected.  Nobody likes to feel disconnected.  Our directory service will help your congregation solidify who is a part of their tribe and build solidarity.

Update Your Member Database. Did you know the average American moves once every three years? It’s vital to have up-to-date information for your members, including new additions to the family, change of address, and current contact information.  Many churches use this time to have volunteers purge the database and gather all the correct information. Not only does this help in effectively communicating to those you are trying to reach, it also potentially saves the Church quite a bit of money on erroneous mailings!





“Finest photography group that I have ever had the pleasure of working with over the course of my 27 years as a senior pastor … breath of fresh air … great pictures for our directory … consider Artisan Life, you won’t be sorry!”–Dr. Richard J. Cope, Senior Pastor

Angus Acres Baptist Church

4 directories with Artisan Life

“… Culmination of a very smooth and professional process, these directories are of highest quality and are very attractive and appealing … portraits are some of the finest … capturing the warmth and spirit of our congregation … pleasure to work with … editing and finishing the directory was much smoother than I had anticipated. Artisan Life truly cared about our church and our directory, even though we are not a large congregation. I highly recommend that you consider the services of Artisan Life.”–Rev. Steve Poarch, Senior Pastor

Mt. Tabor United Methodist (Cabot, AR)

3 directories with Artisan Life